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If you've been searching for electricity ratings in Houston, you've come to the right place. TexasElectricRates.com has information you need when reading about Texas electricity ratings in Houston.

Searching for the best Texas energy rates possible is important because you want to keep your hard-earned money in your wallet. And finding these rates can be easy, but it might be helpful to first understand how the deregulated energy market works.

Not all energy markets in Texas, or across the United States, are deregulated. In many areas, residents don't have the ability to choose the entities that provide them with their energy. The deregulation of some areas allows you to choose the Texas energy rates that suit you the best from a provider that you prefer.

Who decides Texas energy rates?

There are three major entities that work to get electricity into your home. It all starts with generation. Companies can generate energy in many different ways, such as through coal, nuclear reaction, solar panels or wind farms. This energy is then bought in bulk by providers that package it at competitive rates. Providers that offer Texas electric rates in Houston offer prices similar to each other in order to keep the market competitive.

Next, a TDU gets the energy to your home. A TDU is a transmission and distribution utility. TDUs own the wires and poles that the electricity flows through in order to reach homes all over Texas. Energy rates are not set by TDUs, even though they are the entity that brings you your electricity. They do, however, charge a distribution fee for their service.

What Texas electric rates in Houston are associated with what kind of plans?

Now that you know how deregulated energy markets are broken down, you can start deciding about the type of plan you want in Houston. Texas energy rates can mainly be categorized in three ways:

  • Fixed-rate plans: When your supply rate stays the same for the duration of your plan term.
  • Variable-rate plans: When your supply rate changes, usually monthly, throughout the duration of your plan term.
  • Indexed-rate plans: When your supply rate varies based on the rates of another commodity, such as natural gas.

Texas electric rates in Houston are dependent on the plan you choose. Each kind of plan has its pros and cons. You can also choose options that use renewable, or "green," energy. When you agree to a green energy plan, the provider makes sure that the money you are paying for your electricity is used to buy units of clean, renewable energy that will be dispersed into the power grid of Texas.

Make the right choice for you

As you search through the different Texas electricity ratings in Houston, remember that your energy plan is something you may be committed to for several months or years. Choose a plan with a rate you are comfortable paying every month.

Shop around and read the various electricity ratings in Houston look like. Let the search begin!

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