Need Electricity Rates for Your Business?

Businesses also have the opportunity to choose the best electricity plan for their needs in the deregulated areas of Texas. If you haven't shopped for a new electricity plan in a while, it's high time you gave it another shot. Fill out this form and a business rates expert will contact you with competitive rate options.


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Want to Compare Commercial Electricity Rates?

In addition to homeowners, business managers in an area with energy choice have the opportunity to shop for commercial electricity rates and choose the best electricity plan for their situation. If you haven't compared business energy options in a while, give it another shot. Call us now or provide your basic information in the form below and a business energy expert will contact you with competitive electricity rates for your business.

Make energy choice work for your business

If you haven't explored business energy options in Texas' deregulated electricity market, you could be leaving money on the table. In 2002, the state legislature deregulated the electricity industry for the benefit of Texas residents and businesses. In areas with energy choice, electricity suppliers can compete for both residential and commercial business. The only way to make the system work in your favor is to regularly shop around for a new rate from multiple providers.

Here at, all it takes is a few minutes of your time to secure a competitive supply rate for your business. By thoughtfully selecting an electricity plan for your company, you could wind up significantly impacting your bottom line.

Just fill out the form above to start comparing opportunities in your area.

How are businesses treated differently in the market?

While there are similarities between the residential and commercial sectors when it comes to energy choice, businesses actually have a bit more control over their energy costs than residential consumers. In many cases, businesses are able to negotiate their supply rate with electricity companies, making it easier for business managers to find a plan that fits the company's energy needs.

The first step is to request rates from providers operating in your area. For business energy options, enter your business' information above and a representative will begin assembling offers on your behalf.

Find the right electricity plan for your business today!

Whether you operate one location or have stores or offices across Texas, there's an electricity plan out there designed to meet your needs. By contacting us today, you'll be one step closer to finding a great deal on your company's energy plan.

Updated: 8-8-16.