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North of Dallas and Fort Worth at the top of Lewisville Lake is Denton, Texas, a small city with a reputation as a musical and creative town. Located in the heart of North Texas horse country, Denton takes pride its wide offering of equestrian disciplines.
Beyond its recreation, Denton is also part of the deregulated energy market of Texas, allowing consumers to choose their electricity provider from well-known names such as TXU Energy or newer companies such as Chariot Energy. Whether you’re looking for home energy or setting up a business, Texas Electric Rates is here to make the process easier. Enter your ZIP Code above to get started.

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The deregulated electricity market was created to help consumers access lower energy rates and a better variety of plans, but with all these options comes a lot of confusion. At Texas Electric Rates, we work with providers across the state to show customers their options in a simple marketplace. Need some guidance? Use our resources or give us a call – one of our team members can help you navigate the process in no time.
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