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Harlingen, a city in the Rio Grande Valley on the southern tip of Texas, has long enjoyed an influx of residents and visitors from the Midwest, thanks to a popular advertising campaign started in the 1960s. It’s no secret why Midwesterners (and many others) love this area – it’s within reach of some of the state’s best beaches and has a reputation as an international birding destination.
For residents, Harlingen has the added benefit of a deregulated energy market, which allows consumers to choose their electricity provider. Texas Electric Rates works with the best, from TXU Energy to Payless Power, to show Harlingen consumers all that their energy choice offers. And the power to choose isn’t limited to just residents. Businesses can customize commercial energy solutions with many of the same providers. Enter your ZIP Code above to get started.

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Energy choice was created so consumers could access better electric rates and plan options for their homes and businesses. But with so many options, making an informed decision is easier said than done. That’s where Texas Electric Rates comes in. We’re here to help you find the right plan as quickly and painlessly as possible. How do we do that? It’s simple:
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